A learning journey of a lifetime in Mexico

Hi guys! Feeling so excited. I was invited to lecture 22.2.-26.2. about digitality in Mexico, Technology de Monterrey, Queretaro campus. I want to invite you to take part in this journey by sharing some of the events and all kinds of cool stuff that happens here. You may follow the action live on Periscope/Katch.me @ilkkakurkela and #digismalltalk. Comments and interaction is more than welcome. Thanks, lots of love, and ENJOY! 🙂

27.2. Visit to the ancient Pyramids of Teotihuacan

My final greetings from Mexico. The peak of the week was an astonishing visit to the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan. I had such an amazing time at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan that I needed to write a separate blogpost about the experience. Here it is.

All in all, I want to share my deepest greetings with you my friends and family who have been taking part in this journey of mine here. Special thanks to Laurea and Tec de Monterrey for making this possible, companies and people who created the magnificent content for me to represent Finnish know-how, and students for all the positive attitude.

Smile, appreciate life and let your mind be open towards opportunities!

Pyramid-Teotihuacan-Ilkka 1

25.2. Sales promotion workshop was a success – we got crazy! Mitä kuuluu Suomi!?


Mitä kuuluu Suomi? 🙂 had a nice Sales Promotion workshop with these amazing international students at Mexico. We decided to get crazy and start to follow our dreams! 🙂 #digismalltalk

Julkaissut Ilkka Kurkela 25. helmikuuta 2016

25.2. Digital Marketing Workshop with magnificent Mexican students

Digital Marketing Workshop at Mexico - Ilkka Kurkela 2016

Had the greatest students at Digital Marketing workshop in Mexico. Awesome! As we discussed so many cases regarding Finland, the students wanted to say “thank you Finland”. Check the video greetings below! 🙂

24.2. Part 2: Interviewing Juuso Strengell, a Laurea’s exchange student at Mexico

Mexico - Green Coffee Shop Juuso Strengell - Interview

The coolest thing happened as I met Juuso Strengell, one of Laurea’s exchange students here in Mexico. This hardworking student knows his business, as he is running a café here at the campus. I had the wonderful delight to interview Juuso earlier today. He encourages everyone to always move forward and see the world. Check it out! Thanks Juuso, it was a pleasure!

24.2. Preparing my lectures – hotel rooftop Periscope

Hello world! Having such a great time here in Mexico! Just broadcasted this Periscope at the hotel rooftop as I am preparing my lectures for today for Tec de Monterrey.

I am absolutely thrilled to present what the Finnish students at Laurea UAS and companies are able to do. I’ll present their skills and experience in video marketing, branding, social media and even virtual reality, and all sorts of amazing things. I also met this Finnish exchange student here yesterday and I am going to interview him later today. I’ll let you know more about it.

All my love to Finland, to students, colleagues, family, everyone – keepin’ it real! – Ilkka


23.2. Meeting students, professors and cool people

Today has been awesome. Did a quick 30 minutes of jogging in the morning to get the day started and after a nice breakfast headed to the Campus. I had a meeting with of the directors of Tec de Monterrey and a student and we brainstormed with innovative ideas how to start cooperation with the local students at Mexico and the students in Finland.

One group of student here has this awesome social entrepreneur -project going on. What we decided is that I will integrate this project with my courses in Finland, so that the Finnish students can innovate regarding the project. Cool, thank you so much Jane Délano Frier, looking forward to the cooperation!

Professor Jane Délano Frier, a local student and Ilkka Kurkela planning cooperation


22.2. My thoughts about representing Finland and Finnish companies

Can’t complain, just arrived at the Tec De Monterrey campus in Mexico. The coolest thing is this: two days ago I asked a few creative Finnish people from various companies to record quick audio/video greetings for Mexican students, and I have absolutely fantastic material for the lectures in my pockets. In just two days! THANKS

Thank you for the recordings guys! Markku, Mika, Sami, Martta, Sani, Jouni, Pekka, Tuomas, and others. I will use these tailored clips to build conversation and show how magnificent people & companies we have in Finland!

Cases about Mazda, PCA Scala, Luova Laboratorio, Thinglink, NoBot, DigiPeople Studios, ZEF among others on the pipeline… BOH!

Finally, here’s my latest periscope broadcast. Njoy!

Recorded at the roof of my hotel, 2 mins

21.2. The travelling day: Digital Trends and visualization?

Bought my first ever selfie stick 🙂 Want to follow the megatrend of live streaming and make the most of it! Recorded at London, Heathrow airport