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Feeling Proud of Students

Laurea UAS Digital Business students global studies graduation

Today we finished our Digital Business -studies at Laurea UAS. Our students totally exceeded all my expectations. These young talents will bring us a great future, I can tell you that!

This video shows what this is all about. It is done by Digital Coaches, senior students in Laurea. Thanks coaches! 🙂

We made it global

Many thanks to South-Korean, Spanish, Belgium, and Mexican students and professors who were involved in this. We made it global together. I am so much looking forward to our next course as we will deepen all this international cooperation into the next level. Boh!

Thanks to the companies and guest lecturers

We had the extreme delight to have dozens of guest lecturers directly from worklife to visit us. I am so grateful to you – we really brought working life and young students together. Many thanks to all the guest lecturers and companies who were involved.

Selected blogs & vlogs of our students

Please see some selected blogs by our students. These are the talents who made it to the “blog of the week” during the course. Aren’t they good or what!?

Taru Hellman – Living Life and Learning
Melissa Laitila – Diggin It
Elina Karhapää – Digi-Diary
Miikka Leppihalme – Digital Business
Mariam Nurminen – DigiFeels
Jenni Palander – Digijenni
Teemu Reunila – Digital Business
Sini Siltanen – Digi Sini
Maija Vakkilainen – Digital Business 2016

Congratulations to each an every student who took part in the course, digi coaches, and my colleague Anna. I am very proud of you and grateful that I have had the chance to work with you. Remember, life is very much about who you decide to spend your time with.

Tasks done, goals reached, now it is time to celebrate. Enjoy and live life to the max guys! 🙂

Life is about the PEOPLE you spend time WITH

I just experienced the most magical week ever as I got to host TED speaker Kyla Mitsunaga (Harvard, founder of WithVSAt -teaching method) in Finland as my honored guest. She is really one in a million. This week leaves me nearly speechless but I try to wrap it up the best way I can.

She gave us an amazing “Happiness and Leadership” workshop at Laurea UAS and our students were simply amazed. Her authentic way of teaching/learning WITH them is very unique. Personally, the “human power point” -method was the thing, aww, simply too cool and effective… Let’s get rid of the static powerpoints and move towards human interaction! Yes! Aww, Kyla you are really in the edge of education. Here is a 13-minute compilation of the highlights recorded and edited by Mira, one of our talented students.

I have to thank my former colleague Atte Aro at Innofactor for making it possible for us to visit “Empowering Business” -seminar at Microsoft Headquarters. We got to have fun and listen to Sarah Caldicutt, the grandniece of Thomas Edison talk about Innovation.

One of the highlights of the week was this videorecording session WITH some of Laurea’s Amazing students, Melissa and Ile. We went to some real Finnish environment and our students recorded this amazing video. We were living the moment and awesomeness was created! Thanks guys.

It all climaxed at Global Leadership Dinner yesterday, in which 20 unique people (talents, leaders, thinkers, positive people) had fun and defined the qualities of Future Global Leader. Thanks to everyone who attended, that was an event of my life. I will never forget it!

Kyla Global leadership dinner

In conclusion, there is never enough time to do ALL THINGS, but there is  always enough time to do the RIGHT things.

So, focus on the RIGHT things.

Remember to spend time with people who get you inspired!

Be happy and spread HAPPINESS around you. 🙂

Thanks Kyla for everything.