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What I learned from Jeff Bullas – the #8 most powerful digital influencer in the world

Yesterday I had a wonderful chance to participate in the Digitalist Network seminar in which Jeff Bullas attended as the keynote speaker. The seminar was simply thrilling and I enjoyed every minute of it – especially Mr. Bullas’ speech about the importance of personal branding.
I always do my best to arrive early to these kind of events. This time coming early really paid off, as I had a chance to shake hands with Mr. Bullas and share a few thoughts about Digital marketing face-to-face.  Jeff’s best advice to me was this:

“Always have focus, passion and purpose in whatever you do.” 

Simple advice, but very important. Thanks Jeff!

It was a great honour to personally meet the person ranked #8 most powerful digital influencer in the world (Forbes) and connect in LinkedIn afterwards.

 Jeff Bullas LinkedIn


I strongly encourage everyone to come early to any networking event. This provides a possibility to meet interesting people and to have great conversations.

Jeff’s presentation about Personal Branding can be found below:

Finally, four links for you to enjoy: