Digital Business Models Course

The group of Digital Business Models -course with lecturers Ilkka Kurkela and Anna Ikonen at Laurea.

What happens when you combine a group of innovative students, two passionate lecturers, and tons of crazy ideas? Digital Business Models -course at Laurea. The first implementation is now completed. It was awesome!

Why Digital Business Models?

Over 3 billion people will have access to internet in 2015 and the number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 2 billion in 2016. An average US adult spends 11 hours per day with digital media. Digitally skilled people are needed. This is why we defined the learning-goals for the course like this…

  • … Understand what does Digital Strategy mean for businesses
  • … Learn how to develop personal online presence
  • … Understand the importance of (digital) sales for businesses
  • … Learn about the new media landscape
  • … Get familiar with important digital business tools

As a final assignment the students wrote a blog or recorded a short video about their learnings. Please find highlights of their work below. Thanks again students – amazing job!

Videos by students

Sishir Shakya – Understanding Digital Business and Marketing

Lisa Eboigbodin – Digital Marketing

Arman Nuri – Digital Marketing – a New Frontier

Jabed Kaisar – Digital Business Model Project

Duong Phan Hong Thao – Digital Business Model

 Al-Amin Bhuiyan – Digital Business Models

Faysal Hasan – Digital Business Model

Blogposts by students

Anna Ikonen and Ilkka Kurkela are Senior Lecturers at Laurea University of Applied Sciences

“Thanks everyone – you students did a great job and we indeed had fun! :)”
Senior Lecturers Anna Ikonen and Ilkka Kurkela at Laurea Campus.
Photograph by Faysal Hasan.