Take the Road Less Travelled

Dear reader thanks for joining in, it makes me happy. I want to share a simple but strong and effective learning of life: “Always take the road less travelled.” To me personally, it means this: see the opportunities around you and take the courage to act upon these opportunities.

Let me tell you a brief story. This morning the air was very brisk, lots of fog, leaves were falling from the trees. Signs of autumn were clearly present. I went for jogging.


At one specific place in my route there is a very narrow path right next to a much larger road. It is so small that you can barely notice it. Normally I just ignore it and follow the bigger road, the excpected, the “status quo”.


Today, I decided to do something different. To explore this narrow path (you may see it in the pic if you look closely). It appeared to be a great decision, as I found this marvellous view to the Baltic sea.


A small step can lead to beautiful opportunities that you could have not imagined.

In life there is lots of uncertainy. If you actively take small steps to explore something new you rewire your brain to cope with the constant change. Suddenly chance will be a normal part in life, perhaps even something enjoyable?

Become more aware of your surroundings, your decisions, and ultimately your thoughts. Become more grateful, fill your life with new experiences – you shall find an inspiring journey deep inwards. Allow yourself new enriching experiences. Become the captain of your own soul. It is your life after all.

What will be “the road less travelled” that you will take today?

Finally, I want to thank my friend and collaborator Kyla Mitsunaga for sharing this idea of taking the road less travelled. Also I want to express my gratefulness to the amazing students of Laurea UAS who I get to spend time with and learn on a daily basis. Also please notice that all the photos in this post have not been edited for the sake of originality.